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Meet Bella and Zendaya Online!

Hi! I just found out that Bella and Zendaya will be logging on to the virtual world Club Penguin during the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam party that starts tommorrow. They will be controlling the rocky and cece mascots. I am really exited for this, because I love Club Penguin! It is my favorite virtual world! So I will be on alot trying to meet them! If you dont have an account, you can make one here: http://play.clubpenguin.com/#/create/

Also, my username is Mango Smango, and If you add me I will accept!


New Shake it Up episode airs today!

The new shake it up episode is about school uniforms. I cant wait to see it! Leave a comment if you cant wait for this episode! Here is a sneak peak:

I do not own this video. It is from disney channel’s youtube channel.